nautilus shell

Do you want to truly feel happy? Do you want to feel good "from your head to your shoes"? Are you trying to get rid of a negative body image? Are you beginning to lose hope that you won't find your soul mate and experience unconditional love and acceptance? Does fear stop you from embracing spending your days fully engaged in something you love?

Let me help you heal and release blocked energy to lead a more joyful and fulfilling life!

THE ISSUES ARE IN THE TISSUES: The spirit feels no pain - only the body. All pain stems from an emotional source. Release the emotional “grip” that you have stored in your body and the physical pain will lessen or disappear.

All disease leads us away from our true selves - the one that is perfect, healthy and thriving. Finding the pain, and thus the emotional source behind it, will ultimately lead to its release. Letting the pain go frees you from the karmic connections and negative life lessons that keep being repeated by the presence of this recurring pain. Be open to learning life’s lessons from a joyful space.

What is past is prologue. By recognizing and releasing stored negative memories, which are held as blocked energy, you enhance your prospects for a more joyful future.